Ruined Plans

I love how one glance at a pic and you return to the time and the place it was taken. Our pictures have so many great stories that go with them. I will be trying to share a pic and it’s story each week as part of Throwback Thursday. My hope is that this can be a fun time and give us some good laughs.

Meet our oldest son. He is 11 now, but in this pic he was just a few months old. It was Halloween, but we weren’t going to be out trick or treating. We were starting a short road trip to visit some friends for the weekend.

1st Halloween Costume

We had this super cute costume that a friend had given us and it HAD to be worn! It was impractical and hard to get on him but we forced it around his squishy little body because it was adorable. We thought, ” He will be so cute when he meets our friends for the first time,”

After driving for two hours we stopped at a Dairy Queen to have a little snack-breast milk and ice cream. We took our son out of his car seat and we saw a huge brown spot soaking through the bright blue fabric of his tiny costume.

There was no saving the costume. It was stinky and nasty. My perfect plan had been ruined and the Halloween costume rode the rest of the way in a plastic bag.

Quaranteam: Living Intentionally not Accidently

I heard the word quaranteam and decided to embrace the word as a lifestyle in our home. While we are in quarantine due to the Covid-19 virus, we can still be intentional instead of accidental with how we are living.

I can choose to be an intentional mama instead of an accidental one.

I can make decisions that will better my family and my kids despite the circumstances we are currently living in. This means I can chose to sit and watch another movie about dragons, super heroes or dinosaurs and leave my phone in the kitchen and focus on the movie and enjoy it with my kids.

Enjoying the sandbox!

I can make intentional decisions everyday instead of just letting everything happen accidently around me and to me. I will choose intentionality so that a year from now I will look back at this time of quarantine and social distancing as a blessing instead of a curse.

I will be thankful for all the growth I experienced as an individual, as a mom, as a wife, and even as a blogger. I will be thankful for the way our family grew together as a team. I will look back and enjoy the photos of my boys playing soccer at the dog park and playing in the sandbox.

How can YOU choose to be intentional today? Let’s share our ideas!